Lunch and Build Series #2 DIY Mini 3D Printer
Feb 1
12:30 - 14:00 pm
Robotics Garage

S043 G/F, Lakeside 2

$1,100 HKD

1 person on 1 printer $1,100;

2 persons - 1 printer, $550 each

(Please form your own 2-on-1 group)

Lunch and Build Series #2 DIY Mini 3D Printer
About This Class

I can make my own 3D printer? Oh YES YOU CAN!


Nearly everyone is talking about 3D printers nowadays, but how does it really work? During Series #2, we will instruct and assign tasks for you each week, from the understanding of the 3D printer mechanism, casing design to assembly, software calibration and test print!

  • Introduction to 3D printing basic concepts
  • Laser cutting of printer case
  • Upcycling to construct 3D printer
  • CAD software introduction and practice
  • Test print

What can be better than spending lunchtimes with your maker friends and making your OWN 3D printer? We can’t think of any! And remember, light lunch is provided so prepare you hungry stomachs too!

Register on or before 22 November 2016.