Make your Own Bluetooth Speaker
Apr 21
Robotics Garage

S043, G/F, Building 10W, Lakeside 2, Science Park

$200 HKD per person
Make your Own Bluetooth Speaker
About This Class

A bluetooth speaker is no longer any surprise or impressive technology. you can easily get one at a shop down the street. How about making one with your bare hands?


Bobotics Garage has invited one of the most dynamic members around the place, Benny to work with you guys and give you an idea of how amazingly easy a DIY bluetooth speaker can be built!


In the workshop, you will be introduced to:

  • Basic Analog Electronic circuitry
  • Rapid Prototyping skill
  • Casing design 
  • Portable device design skills - battery management circuit
  • Open-source trend and culture

Everyone can walk out of the Garage with their own bluetooth speaker by the end of the session with excitement and a new piece to play with.