Robotics Garage Sunday Young Maker Club
May 7 May 21 May 28
Robotics Garage

Robotics Garage S043, Lakeside 2, Hong Kong Science Park

(Beside Charles K. Kao Auditorium "Golden Egg")

Robotics Garage Sunday Young Maker Club
About This Class

Sundays are all about creating moments with your family and kids! Come join our Sunday Young Maker Club for some quality time with your kids!


Your child's creativity and imagination is more impressive than you'd think!


Coding and Robotics: Robot Otto - Beginner Workshop

07 MAY AM, 21 MAY AM

Learn to make two-legged robot Otto walk & dance

- Learn Basic Coding & Electronics

- Using servo to control motion

- Make & Assemble a simple robot


Coding and Robotics: Robot Otto - Advance Workshop

07 MAY PM: Walk, Dance and Sing

- Details on how to make Otto walk & dance.

Student will try to make it walk & dance differently

- Introduction to Tone and how sound is made.

- Make Otto Sing

21 MAY PM: Using Sensors and Problem Solving

- Introduction to Distance Sensor (Ultrasonic sensor)

- Using distance sensor and decision making

- Application of Distance Sensor. Coding for Object detection / Object avoidance.

- Putting all together. Motion, Sound & Decision making


Make Your Own Robot - Silly Robots 廢柴機械人

28 MAY AM and PM

In this event, you are going to design and build your own robot that can be controlled by yourself to fight against other cars in the sumo challenge competition.

Students will learn:

- Basic Electronics

- Robotics: You will build your own designed robot!

- Basic wood work

- Design Thinking Process by Stanford University

- Basic Making Techniques, like screw up, etc.

Prereqs & Preparation

For 7 May and 21 May, please remember to bring your own computer to the class.