SciTech Challenge 2019
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SciTech Challenge 2019
SciTech Challenge 2019

SciTech Challenge, first organised in 2017, is an open competition for innovators, giving them an opportunity to pitch their products to potential users and industries. Through workshops and a mentorship programme, accelerate the progress in bringing ideas into realisation.

Encouraging projects from ideas to development,

Development to prototype, and prototype production.

2017 kick-started a successful opening of SciTech Challenge, with Indiegogo and Arrow as co-organisers, teams were able to understand the skills launch their products on an online crowdfunding platform with remarkable support in prototype development respectively.

In 2018, with the topic of Home Care, HKSTP expanded the team category, creating a Student Group for the challenge. SciTech Challenge 2018 had generous support from HKCSS, arranging home visits and sharing sessions.  Numerous Science Park companies had also provided workshops and software trainings to contestant teams.

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Tentative Schedule

Phase I Workshops and Trainings

All successful applicants are encouraged and welcome to join workshops and trainings organised. Not only will these courses support the competing project but also to add value to their project in the long run.

Proposal and Elimination

Project proposals are expected to be submitted by June 2019. Elimination will result in the final Top 10 teams (OPEN and STUDENT group each)

  • No more than 10 PowerPoint pages.
  • May include texts, images, and videos in the pages.
  • Videos no more than 2 minutes.

Phase II Mentorship and Product Development

Each of the Top 10 teams will be paired up with an assigned mentor according to their product nature and mentor competency.

A monthly progress presentation session will be held for more mentors to give constructive comments to all 10 teams.


Awards and Prizes 


Champion / 1st Runner up / 2nd Runner up  

Most Innovative Award / Best Presentation Award

Prizes – Student Group:

Cash prize (HKD$) $3,000 / $2,000 / $1,000 [Top 3 respectively]

Robotics Garage 3D Printing coupon ($500) [Top 3]

Prizes – Open Group:

Cash prize (HKD$) $30,000 / $15,000 / $5,000 [Top 3 respectively]

Fast track to HKSTP Incubation Program [Top 3]

Robotics Garage 3D Printing coupon ($500) [Top 3]

Robotics Garage membership [Top 10]

Arrow Open Lab membership [Top 10]


Judging Criteria

 (You may download the marking sheet from the gallery as below)


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