SciTech Challenge 2019
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SciTech Challenge 2019
SciTech Challenge 2019

SciTech Challenge, first organised in 2017, is an open pitching competition with a technology element each year, giving innovators an opportunity to pitch their products to potential users and industries. We encourage projects from ideas to development, development to prototyping, and onto production!

SciTech 挑戰賽於2017年首次舉辦,是一個讓創新者有機會向有潛力的用家和行業推銷其意念及產品的公開比賽。這個比賽在決賽日之前,會舉辦一連串工作坊和輔導計劃,鼓勵並協助創新者從概念階段,發展到開發及生產原型的階段,以加快創新者實現他們的想法。


SciTech Challenge 2019 is focusing on the topic Sports Tech. Whether your project is an Application, smart device/ equipment, wearables, daily monitoring, or data platform, if your project is related to sports, you are welcome to join the Challenge!

今届SciTech 挑戰賽以體育科技為主題,歡迎所有對體育科技有想法的人士參賽。體育科技的應用包括提高比賽公平性、提升運動員表現、增加安全性、監控和分析數據、採用智能物料和創造娛樂等等,只要閣下有關於體育科技的想法均可參賽。

Workshops and mentorship programmes would be provided to the contestants by Arrow Electronics, Hong Kong Sports Institute, Coding 101, HKSTP iDM2 programme, IfE of PolyU and other supporting organisations to ascertain the project applicability and to accelerate the progress in bringing ideas into realisation for our contestant groups. It encourages Startups and students to cultivate the knowledge, skill and vision and to accomplish their projects with real business model and production


 (You may download the poster from the gallery as below)


Contest Timeline

Phase I Workshops and Trainings

第一階段 - 工作坊及培訓

All successful applicants are encouraged and welcome to join workshops organised. Not only will these courses support the competing project but also to add value to their project in the long run.


Proposal and Elimination 提交計劃書及淘汰

Project proposals are expected to be submitted by June 2019. Elimination will result in the final Top 10 teams (OPEN and STUDENT group each)


  • No more than 10 PowerPoint pages.
  • May include texts, images, and videos in the pages.
  • Videos no more than 2 minutes.
  • 不超過10頁的PowerPoint
  • 可以包含文字,圖片及影片
  • 影片不可超過2分鐘

Phase II Mentorship and Product Development 第二階段 - 輔導計劃及產品開發

Each of the Top 10 teams will be paired up with an assigned mentor according to their product nature and mentor competency.

A monthly progress presentation session will be held for more mentors to give constructive comments to all 10 teams.



Awards and Prizes 

Awards 獎項 :

Champion / 1st Runner up / 2nd Runner up 冠軍/亞軍/季軍

Most Innovative Award / Best Presentation Award 最佳創意獎/最佳演繹獎

Prizes – Student Group 獎品 - 學生組別 :

Cash prize (HKD$) $3,000 / $2,000 / $1,000 [Top 3 respectively]

現金獎 (HKD$) $3,000 / $2,000 / $1,000 [前3名]

Robotics Garage 3D Printing coupon ($500) [Top 3]

Robotics Garage 3D打印優惠券總值$500 [前3名]

Prizes – Open Group 獎品 – 公開組別 :

Cash prize (HKD$) $30,000 / $15,000 / $5,000 [Top 3 respectively]

現金獎 (HKD$) $30,000 / $15,000 / $5,000 [前3名]Fast track to HKSTP Incubation Program [Top 3]

Robotics Garage 3D Printing coupon ($500) [Top 3]

Robotics Garage 3D打印優惠券總值$500 [前3名]


優先處理加入香港科技園公司孵化計劃之申請 [前3名]

Robotics Garage membership [Top 10]

Robotics Garage 會籍 [前10名]

Arrow Open Lab membership [Top 10]

Arrow Open Lab 會籍 [前10名]


Judging Criteria 評審準則

 The Judging Criteria can be found in the gallery below.



Results 得獎名單:

Champion: Platysens Ltd
1st Runner up: Infinity Cube Ltd
2nd Runner up: Kidstechlab x 60pins
Best Presentation Award: HKUST

Champion: Jumpstart (The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education)
1st Runner up: kidsport321
2nd Runner up: Sportalyze (The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education)
Best Presentation Award: Jumpstart (The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education)