24Sunday, 24 Jun 2018
來自香港城市大學、香港專業教育學院 (青衣分校)、香港中文大學、香港科技大學、香港理工大學及香港大學的12隊參賽隊伍, 花近半年設計了一個手動搖控機械人與一個AR自動機械人,磨拳擦掌誓把彩球能最快最準確地「飛越龍門」! 「全港大專生機械人大賽2018」於6月24日已經完滿結束,多謝各界鼎力支持,現場氣氛熱烈! 全港大專生機械人大賽2018  得獎名單 獎項名稱 院校 隊伍 冠軍 香港科技大學 火之龍 亞軍 香港中文大學 巧奪天工 季軍…
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13Thursday, 13 Apr 2017
The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (“Science Park”), Arrow Asia Pac Ltd (“Arrow”) and Indiegogo are pleased to announce the SciTech Challenge ("Challenge") will take place in Hong Kong in April 2017.  Arrow is one of the Asia-Pacific's leading…
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23Thursday, 23 Mar 2017
" 100% Design in Hong Kong, 100% Made in Hong Kong " It has been a great sucess for EVTech Makerthon. A remarkably intense and satisfying 10 day's of hackathon had come to its end, but the start of a new EV era has just begun! Once again, many than…
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